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Automatic Packing Machines

The packing machine minimizes the need for human operators for final packing, thus reducing the risk of contamination and human error.

Moreover, it allows for installing an automatic cosmetic control system.

The system picks the containers at the end of the annealing ovens and automatically places them inside trays or blisters.

A five-position rotary table acts as a buffer and extends the system’s autonomy. 


Final packing

The line can be equipped with a chain conveyor system or roller conveyor in case of integration with the cosmetic inspection system.

The dimensions of the boxes may vary in relation to the customer’s needs.  A dedicated station to control printing can also be installed at this stage of the process.

The line requires a low number of format changeover parts.

final packaging1
Glass Processing - final packaging 4


Needle Assembling

Two different models of needle assembly machines, both geared towards ensuring ease of use, low footprint, and energy saving

Washing Systems

Completely automatic washing machines that remove particles from the glass thanks to a dual washing process

Glass processing - Siliconization - Silic line 1
Siliconization Line

Siliconization must be optimized and monitored to ensure the integrity of the pharmaceutical products

Glass processing - glass tubing loader - last
Glass Tube Loader

An automatic tube loader that allows for automatically feeding the vertical rotating machines with glass tubing

Vials Forming Lines

Vial forming lines capable of increasing production, reducing maintenance, improving efficiency and simplifying cleaning activities

Cartridge forming line
Cartridges Forming Lines

Seamless high-speed machines ensuring resistant and cosmetic-compliant cartridges from 1 ml to 5 ml

glass syringe forming line
Syringes Forming Lines

Syringe forming lines designed and built to produce syringes with optimal cosmetic, chemical and physical performance to preserve drug integrity and guarantee the safety of patients.

Glass Processing - Afterforming 2
Afterforming Lines

A gentle handling of the glass container during the forming process and the afterforming phase ensures premium-quality glass containers

Annealing Ovens

Devised to guarantee an optimal thermal profile, highly performing and completely safe for the operators

Glass processing - cosmetic control generic 1
Cosmetic Camera Control

Technologically advanced in-line or stand-alone systems for detecting cosmetic defects

Dim camera control _Novis1
Dimensional Controls

The Novis dimensional control system allows for measuring all the dimensions of a glass container

final packaging
Automatic Packing Machines

The system picks the containers and places them inside trays or blisters

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