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Cartridges Forming Lines
Cartridge forming line


Stevanato Group has been developing glass-forming technology since 1971 when its subsidiary Spami was established. Spami was founded to design and produce high-speed, high-precision machinery for the production and control of tubular glass containers.

Thanks to its consolidated experience as a glass forming machine manufacturer, Spami designs its cartridge lines with an emphasis on all forming phases: glass tube feeding, the glass forming process, transport, annealing, and packing.

On-going technological improvements and the synergistic cooperation with Ompi – specialized in primary packaging for pharmaceutical glass – have enabled Spami to continuously improve its technological offer. In turn, this has led to accurate in-house equipment design, with constant monitoring of critical parameters capable of influencing forming precision.
Currently, Stevanato Group has the technology of reference for insulin pen cartridge production worldwide.

Stevanato Group cartridges forming lines are designed and built to ensure optimal mechanical durability, thanks to carefully selected raw materials for their construction and an extremely accurate assembly process.
Thanks to this optimized construction process, the lines have a reduced rate of obsolescence and their lifetime can exceed 25 years.

All the machines operate with the greatest mechanical precision and feature easy-to-use HMIs ensuring seamless high-speed production, fewer rejects, mechanical resistance in order to obtain compliant cartridges in terms of cosmetic and dimensional standards.

The range includes containers from 1 ml to 5 ml, including a special dual-chamber configuration – an innovative delivery method for liquid and lyophilized drugs that need to be mixed just before application.

Glass processiong - cartridge forming line - both lines 3

Precise and easy-to-use machines guaranteeing seamless high-speed production, fewer rejects and mechanically resistant, cosmetic-compliant cartridges from 1 ml to 5 ml



The GS24/2 is a high-speed double-exit cartridge forming machine. It has 24 upper chucks for neck forming and 20 lower chucks for bottom forming (10 on each side). It produces 2 cartridges for each index movement.


  • Cartridge range: from 1 ml to 5 ml
  • Cartridges per cycle: 2
  • Max mechanical speed: 46 index movements/minute (theoretical speed 92 pcs/minute)



The GS36/3 is a high-speed triple-exit cartridge forming machine. It has 36 upper chucks for neck forming and 30 lower chucks for bottom forming. It produces 3 cartridges for each index movement.


  • Cartridge range: from 1 ml to 5 ml
  • Cartridges per cycle: 3
  • Max mechanical speed: 48 index movements/minute (theoretical speed 144 pcs/minute)


glass syringe forming line
Syringes Forming Lines

Syringe forming lines designed and built to produce syringes with optimal cosmetic, chemical and physical performance to preserve drug integrity and guarantee the safety of patients.

Glass Processing - Afterforming 2
Afterforming Lines

A gentle handling of the glass container during the forming process and the afterforming phase ensures premium-quality glass containers

Annealing Ovens

Devised to guarantee an optimal thermal profile, highly performing and completely safe for the operators

Glass processing - cosmetic control generic 1
Cosmetic Camera Control

Technologically advanced in-line or stand-alone systems for detecting cosmetic defects

Dim camera control _Novis1
Dimensional Controls

The Novis dimensional control system allows for measuring all the dimensions of a glass container

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