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Automatic washing systems are an important prerequisite to achieve the highest level of quality, as required by the most demanding markets for the most sensitive drugs.

To achieve outstanding results, Stevanato Group through its brand Spami has designed two automatic and easy-to-use washing systems: one for rinsing the glass tube before the glass forming phase, and one for washing the container before the afterforming phase.

This dual washing process is crucial to reduce cosmetic defects and obtain superior pharmaceutical containers from glass tubing.

The Stevanato Group washing systems are an add-on feature for the glass processing line since they fit perfectly onto the converting and the afterforming lines.

Completely automatic washing machines that remove particles from the glass thanks to a dual washing process consisting of an ultrasonic bath and high-pressure water jets.


Tube Washing System

Particulates have become increasingly critical for pharmaceutical companies. Most of them do not stem from the converting process but are already present in the glass tube. To minimize the presence of particulates, the tube must be washed before it is converted.

Stevanato Group’s fully automatic washing machine removes all particles from the tube thanks to a dual washing process consisting of an ultrasonic bath and high-pressure water jets.


  • 100% automatic handling
  • No glass-to-glass contact
  • High quality distilled water
  • Patent pending


Glass Container Washing Machine

Through Spami’s expertise, Stevanato Group has developed a washing system for glass containers capable of reducing glass particles produced during the forming process.

This technology – the result of 25 years of experience acquired in washing systems – can be installed on the line just before the annealing oven.

Before the afterforming process, syringes and cartridges are carefully washed with high-pressure water jets, while vials are washed using a water-jet technology that, combined with the product’s rotation and water suction, leaves the container clean and ready for the annealing phase.


  • Multiple stations for washing with high-pressure water jets
  • Multiple stations for drying
  • 100% automatic handling
  • No glass-to-glass contact
  • High-quality filtered water


  • Process optimisation: ensures a high-quality glass container also suited to sensitive drugs
  • Reduction of cosmetic defects
  • Easy-to-handle machines

Rinsing away all foreign materials such as fibres and particulates reduces the risk that leads to breakages during the production process and cosmetic defects on the glass container.

This preventive cleaning process allows for obtaining pharmaceutical containers of superior quality, suitable also for sensitive and viscous drugs.


Glass processing - Siliconization - Silic line 1
Siliconization Line

Siliconization must be optimized and monitored to ensure the integrity of the pharmaceutical products

Glass processing - glass tubing loader - last
Glass Tube Loader

An automatic tube loader that allows for automatically feeding the vertical rotating machines with glass tubing

Vials Forming Lines

Vial forming lines capable of increasing production, reducing maintenance, improving efficiency and simplifying cleaning activities

Cartridge forming line
Cartridges Forming Lines

Seamless high-speed machines ensuring resistant and cosmetic-compliant cartridges from 1 ml to 5 ml

glass syringe forming line
Syringes Forming Lines

Syringe forming lines designed and built to produce syringes with optimal cosmetic, chemical and physical performance to preserve drug integrity and guarantee the safety of patients.

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