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Service agreements

SVM offers four types of service agreement – and since all of our machines and systems are custom-developed, every service agreement will, of course, be drawn up according to the client’s particular wishes and needs.

  • Warranty service
    SVM Warranty Service can be added to the purchase the machine and is valid for one year after delivery. There are usually four services during this period. During Warranty Service, SVM checks the entire system against a service list in accordance with the design specification and assembly drawings, then perform adjustment and optimization take place – any faults are remedied immediately unless special spare parts need to be ordered.The service technician’s comments are compiled as a report, making it possible to follow the machine’s service history.

  • Service contract
    After the machine’s first year in service, we offer a Service Contract. The contract is drawn up individually with the customer – and the number of annual inspections generally depends on the machine’s daily hours of operation.
    You can choose between Analytic Service & Performance Service. If you choose Analytic Service, we will perform a systematic check of the entire system and provide you with a detailed report. Based on this report, your company’s service department can then perform the necessary repairs and remedial actions. In practice, Performance Service is a continuation of our Warranty Service, meaning that you can entrust the entire service component to SVM. Including repairs.

  • Service Level Agreement
    If your company’s SVM system is spread e.g. across many countries, we can offer a special Service Level Agreement. This means that all of your machines will be covered by one agreement.

  • Service Package
    By buying an optional SVM Service Package, you will always have the necessary spare parts on hand for repairs and maintenance. SVM puts together your unique Service Package based on the machine’s design specification and our extensive experience of where faults, wear and breakdowns typically occur.


If you want to be able to rely on particularly rapid service during emergencies, you can supplement your Service Contract with the On-Call Service.

Under this agreement, SVM undertakes to deploy service personnel to your factory within a specified period – 24 hours a day – in order to remedy acute mechanical, hardware and software faults.

Benefits to the client:

– Shorter downtimes

– Rapid service

– 24-hour service



In most cases, running a Performance Check on existing machines and systems will lead to a noticeable upgrade and optimization.

We start by executing a running-in report by measuring capacity etc. After that we review the system down to the last detail, performing adjustments and upgrades to optimize its operation. After making the optimizations we perform a new measurement, providing you with clear evidence and documentation of the performance enhancement.


If you need to relocate an entire production, assembly or packaging line – SVM can handle the entire process from dismantling to reassembly at the new location.

SVM has an extensive experience both when it comes to moving lines within the same factory and relocating a line to new factories abroad.

Spare parts

You can be sure you are getting what you need if you order your spare parts from SVM that is also able to offer next-day delivery for most standard spare parts.

Because SVM machines are specialized machines, many spare parts are manufactured and machined uniquely for each order. All spare parts are quality-checked against a checklist.


When we deliver new machines, we provide thorough training to all of the company’s relevant machine operators. This training is based on SVM comprehensive user manual that also provided training to new employees.

Service and maintenance

SVM provides training to service and maintenance employees so that the company can be completely or partially self-reliant when it comes to service. The training covers operation as well as troubleshooting and documentation. We also recommend that companies with their own service employees sign a Service Contract.


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