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Silicone in the form of emulsions and/or oil is a lubricant that favours and improves the glideability of systems such as cartridges and syringes, while for vials – due to its hydrophobic properties – the silicone coating ensures a higher restitution rate down to the last drop of product.

Moreover, the silicone layer minimises the interactions between the product and the glass container, and prevents certain products from sticking to the internal surface, making the glass appear perfectly transparent.

As a critical parameter for container performance, siliconization must be optimized and monitored to ensure the integrity of the pharmaceutical product and, therefore, the safety of the patient.

Siliconization is a complex process that requires extremely precise automation. Spami siliconization lines are designed to:

  • Increase gliding performance between the glass and the internal components (e.g. rubber parts);
  • Improve the flow of liquid solutions inside the container, reducing “dead volume” concerns;
  • Reduce the interactions between the pharmaceuticals and the glass containers;
  • The most common sprayed materials: silicon emulsion or silicon oil.
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In order to optimize control of the process and its reliability, Stevanato Group – through Spami’s know-how – has designed a siliconization line featuring:

  • Pre-heating with electrical heating system;
  • Independent delivery system for each spray nozzle;
  • Volumetric pumps for silicone dosing accuracy;
  • Silicone spray nozzle and air flows to uniformly spread the silicone along the internal surface of the glass product;
  • Baking lehr with electrical or gas heating system.
    The baking lehr can be installed on the siliconization line or be an independent unit, depending on the type of silicone used.

The process and the equipment can be adapted to the specific coating material and specifications of the final products.


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