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Syringes Forming Lines
glass syringe forming line


For over 40 years Stevanato Group has been developing cutting-edge, easy-to-use automatic production lines with the aim of maximizing production efficiency, preventing human error and obtaining premium-quality glass containers.

Spami’s continuous technological improvements and on-going cooperation with Ompi - a Stevanato Group subsidiary specialized in primary packaging for pharmaceutical glass - guarantee the observance of tight tolerances.

This is achieved through accurate in-house equipment design, constant monitoring of critical parameters capable of influencing forming precision, and continuous upgrading of the forming line.

The end result guarantees highly reliable and safe critical phases for the pharmaceutical company, thanks to stable and proven processes stemming from extensive experience in design solutions and dimensional control technology.

Syringes are complex products that require an extremely precise forming process: Stevanato Group syringe manufacturing lines always include several specifications which are normally optional, such as servomotors for controlling the most critical manufacturing phases (cone forming, total length) and flow meters for automatically regulating the burners.

Maintaining close ties with the customer throughout every step of the process is fundamental for Stevanato Group, in order to provide fully custom-made, purpose-built equipment to produce syringes with custom dimensions and shape.

Since all the machines operate with the highest mechanical precision and feature easy-to-use HMIs, they ensure seamless high-speed production, fewer rejects, mechanical resistance, and syringes conforming to cosmetic and dimensional standards, making them the best solution to preserve drug integrity.

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Syringe forming lines designed and built to produce syringes with optimal cosmetic, chemical and physical performance to preserve drug integrity and guarantee the safety of patients



The GS24/16 is a flexible machine suitable for the largest syringe range (from 0.5 ml to 10 ml):

  • 24 upper chucks for cone forming
  • 16 lower chucks for flange forming
  • Single exit
  • High process stability


  • Syringe range: from 0.5 ml to 5 ml
  • Max mechanical speed: 40 index movements
  • Syringe range: 0.5 ml, 1 ml long, 1 ml std
  • Syringes per cycle: 1
  • Max mechanical speed: 40 index movements



The GS36/15-2 is suitable for high-speed machines that produce small syringes:

  • 36 upper chucks for cone forming
  • 30 lower chucks for flange forming
  • Double exit
  • High process stability
  • Syringe range: 0.5 ml, 1 ml long, 1 ml std
  • Syringes per cycle: 2
  • Max mechanical speed: 40 index movements

Common features

  • Each of the two forming machines is equipped with 18 cone forming stations and 15 flange forming stations
  • Body diameter up to 18 mm
  • Syringe height up to 90 mm
  • Mechanical speed: up to 60 index movements
  • Syringes per cycle: 1 per machine


Glass Processing - Afterforming 2
Afterforming Lines

A gentle handling of the glass container during the forming process and the afterforming phase ensures premium-quality glass containers

Annealing Ovens

Devised to guarantee an optimal thermal profile, highly performing and completely safe for the operators

Glass processing - cosmetic control generic 1
Cosmetic Camera Control

Technologically advanced in-line or stand-alone systems for detecting cosmetic defects

Dim camera control _Novis1
Dimensional Controls

The Novis dimensional control system allows for measuring all the dimensions of a glass container

final packaging
Automatic Packing Machines

The system picks the containers and places them inside trays or blisters

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