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De-Nesting and Re-nesting

Nestor is an ultracompact de-nesting and re-nesting unit with configurable in- and outlet, designed to handle up to 660 syringes per minute to and from nests & tubs.

Its capacity, the highest on the market, goes along with an extremely high modularity, ensuring its integration in any existing machine and maximum flexibility to be adapted to any layout.


This solution presents many benefits for the pharma companies, such as the no glass-to-glass contact, which prevents glass breakages, product losses and costly downtime, throughout the entire process. Available as stand-alone unit, it can also be integrated in CVT automatic inspection machines, offering additional exclusive features.

Recirculation compensation guarantees seamless integration with “gray” syringes, thus ensuring the most effective operation in the re-nesting unit; on the other hand overflow compensation minimizes any gaps, which may have emerged due to rejected products, ensuring  only full nests leave the process.


  • Smart design guaranteeing maximum modularity to satisfy any layout. It is possible to configure the units as Denest, Renest or combined solution
  • Compact footprint: less than 1,5 m2
  • Highest capacity on the market, up to 660pcs/min
  • Quick and easy format change over improving OEE, by reducing downtime and maintenance
  • Integrated nest and tub buffer to maximize production efficiency and limiting operator intervention
  • Cost reduction: thanks to its high flexibility and modularity the Nestor can be installed in any line, also existing, with minimum downtime and line modification

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