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PWL series

The PWL Machines are designed to simply and effectively overcome problems associated with the manual inspection of vials, ampoules, cartridges, and syringes containing injectable liquids, powder or freeze-dried products.

  • Strong compact footprint
  • Continuous motion
  • Applications: ampoules, vials, infusion bottles, cartridges, syringes
  • Contents: injectable liquid, powder, lyophilized, freeze-dried products
  • Suitable for following the inspections: particles, cosmetic defects, closure quality, glass surface, neck, bottom, shoulder area, crimping of vials, ampoules tips
  • Light sources installed from the top, rear, and bottom
  • Tyndall light: special light source to make reflecting particles more visible
  • Mirrors installed under and above the containers transport lane
  • Background filters: black and white polarized filters available to be positioned on the magnifying lens (based on the product to be inspected)
  • Capacity: maximum mechanical output of 6000 units/h
  • Suggested maximum inspection output: approx. 3000pcs/h
  • Separation of defects by categories available
  • Change parts optimized for quick changeover
  • Smooth handling
  • Full IQ/OQ support package
  • Operator interface available in customer’s language
  • Ergonomics of the components and parts
  • Operators: one per cabin – dual cabin available back to back
  • Inclination of objects: 20°- 30° available
  • Reject systems: manual or automatic available
  • Working height: 900 ±25 mm
  • Dimensions: based on the configuration
  • Containers spinning system: 2 brushless motors with adjustable rotation speed up to 3000 rpm
  • LED light sources fully adjustable in intensity
  • Magnifying lens
  • Adjustable mirrors
  • Electric supply: 400V- 220V ±10% 50/60Hz 3Ph + ground
  • PC: Siemens industrial PC with RAID array for simultaneous data backup
  • PLC: Siemens S7/300 series with Profibus communication port
  • Control panel: 17” color touchscreen monitor with external keyboard
  • SCADA system: Siemens WinCC (compliant with 21CFR11)
  • UPS for power backup
  • Modem for remote support
  • Validation documents: machine compliant with the most important standard regulations and guidelines
  • 21CFR11 - Audit Trail - cGMP and GAMP5

Needle up

  • Syringes are inspected with needle up, this is an advantage to avoid hidden particles under the cap

Denester and Renester

  • Automatic Denester and Renester in-line connection is also available


Ompi - Syringes - Group - Original - B2 Shooting - 11263
Prefillable Syringes

Ompi provides a wide range of washed, siliconized and ready-to-fill EZ-fill®syringes.


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