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BasiQX XTV is a reliable and flexible assembly platform boasting outstanding features that makes it the ideal solution to assemble any kind of medical device, such as insulin or autoinjector pens, inhalers, wearables, etc. 

Its smart transport system’s ability to handle various elements with different sizes and shapes allows for multiple programs on one line, facilitating shorter lead times and the production of components with different features on the same machine.

The system‘s breaking-through modularity and scalability can match any pharma company needs and can be therefore tailored to meet even the most demanding customers.

Do you want to discover more? Watch this video and take a tour below.

Independent movement is at the basis: each carrier has individual control curves to accelerate, brake, position and synchronize itself. They can move to specific locations or they can move to positions relative to each other. They can group themselves and accumulate to adapt operations performed on the machine. This provides the big benefit to minimize the overall length and associated investment and operational costs due to use of cycle-time-optimized station layout. 

Unmatched possibilities:  thanks to easy modular design and simple extension, production lines can be designed and built with actual production needs and Capex invest restrictions in mind. Fast time to market paired with already integrated ramp-up of production volumes for the future – we can do that.

In combination with added or changed tooling, customers are enabled to manufacture different products of the same or different family from the beginning on.

Turnkey solutions: line can be extended with additional value-adding equipment, such as labeling, packaging and end-of-line cartoning. The control system is open for future expansion and integration, as well. Ask us about our great serialization packages and options as well.

Precise control of the carriers’ acceleration and deceleration is an important benefit as it helps optimizing processes operated on the line, such as vision inspection controls, printing or labeling, etc. thus reducing need to implement further stations.

No dust or abrasion: our transport system significantly reduces the risk of contamination common with conventional belt- and chain-type conveyors. Further, it is a “green” system, operating very silently and requiring no special maintenance. This makes our equipment an ideal solution for clean rooms as well.

Pen injector assembly line

We designed and manufactured a tailor-made solution based on our customer’s needs, with a capacity of 70 pieces per minute.


Main features include:

  • Automated tray de-stacking , emptying and re-stacking
  • Smart transport system with independent carriers for optimal process flow
  • 100% quality control (inspections via camera and sensors)
  • Individual priming to ensure proper dosage
  • Efficiency - only defective components are rejected
  • Embedded laser marking, labelling

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