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Stevanato Group afterforming lines are designed to carry the containers from the forming machine to the annealing oven while ensuring that their cosmetic quality and mechanical features remain unaltered.

The lines are equipped with a cooling system, dimensional control devices and additional devices available on request.

Gentle handling during both the forming process and the afterforming phase ensures the premium-quality glass containers.

Stevanato Group afterforming lines ensure the highest stability during transport. The special material used for conveying preserves the cosmetic quality of the glass and its mechanical features. Each line is equipped with several devices for controlling and treating the containers. 

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Chain Transport

Transport suitable for vials, cartridges and syringes: the glass containers move in the horizontal position along a chain.


Contact point made of a heat-resistant plastic material to guarantee:

  • glass container quality
  • no glass-to-metal contact
  • no glass-to-glass contact

Available options

  • Printing system
  • Cooling device
  • Air blowing uni
  • Washing device
  • Additional treatments


Prism Transport

Suitable for vials and cartridge.

The glass containers move horizontally along a prismatic line.


Conveyor system made of a heat-resistant plastic material to guarantee:

  • glass container quality
  • no glass-to-metal contact
  • gentle container handling
  • no glass-to-glass contact

Available options

  • Treatment system
  • Cooling device
  • Air blowing unit
  • Washing device

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