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Stevanato Group Engineering Systems through its brand SVM develops complex special systems for packaging items in boxes, cartons, foil sheets, etc.

The goal is to transform complex processes into compact, coherent systems featuring integrated security and control, laser-print labelling, vision control and verification.


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Flexible Labelling & Packaging Line

Wide range of operations

Operations that can be performed range from product feeding, complete with coding, labelling, carton forming (pre-glued or from flat blank), separator forming and insertion, package composition, check weighing, tamper evidence sealing, serialization and aggregation, overwrapping, case packing and palletizing.

The proven solutions are based on standard platforms, which can convey the package and can be equipped with dedicated modules, providing an incredibly compact and versatile line that can perform multiple types of packaging.

Upon request, the line can be equipped with automatic change over without operator intervention, maximizing cost effectiveness.

From clinical trials to large scale production

Different product presentations can be processed cost-effectively thanks to our modular approach.

We adapt to your programs offering different platforms both for small batch packaging and high-speed lines, inclusing amongst other features a wide product range of infeed and sorting systems.

  • Smallest footprint in the industry
  • Standard and Customizable proven solutions
  • Operator friendly HMI
  • GMP compliant
  • CFR 21 part 11 compliant
  • Automated changeover
  • Preparation and execution of concept and feasibility studies
  • Easy programming & operations
  • Turnkey integration components and machines into the packaging line
  • Development of complex packaging designs
  • Assistance in the elaboration of user requirements
  • Responsibility for project management and on-going support
  • Cartridges
  • Ampoules
  • Vials
  • Syringes
  • Blister packages
  • Sprays
  • Injection pens
  • Other products

Some challenges we have faced and solved

Discover how we designed and produced a flexible clinical trial multi-format packaging line, with an extremely compact footprint.

The Challenge

Our customer needed to install a line capable of assembling cartridges, vials & syringes with devices, pack them, together with accessories and instructions, in several carton presentation.

Necessity of full serialization, aggregation and reconciliation capabilities.


The solution

Stevanato Group Engineering Systems designed and delivered a single line, less than 10 meter long, able to satisfy the customer needs, packaging the various products in 148 different combinations of different carton sizes and extended range of glass containers. The changeover time is less than 20 minutes, from last to first good product.


Key Benefits

  • Single line capable of handling 3 different prefilled primary glass container families in 148 different product combinations
  • Maximum flexibility, suitable to handle also the smallest volumes (“lot 1” concept)
  • Rapid size change over (max 20 min)
  • Fully embedded serialization, aggregation and reconciliation
  • Remote line control and monitoring
  • 100% quality control
assembling 2

Small batch packaging production requires flexibility. Learn more about this packaging line based on a round motion platform.

low mid speed packaging

Some of the main features of this equipment:

  • Rapid change over without tools
  • Large product range
  • Up to 30 cartons per minute
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Clean design for easy line clearance
  • Dedicated storage for format parts

Watch the video and check this multi-format high speed packaging line features. It includes several value-added modules, such as labeling, cartoning, serialization, palletizing. All from one supplier.


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Our Process
At SVM you will not find any standard machines or systems. What you will find is a standardised process ensuring that we always explore and challenge every possibility and every solution
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Our Services
We are specialists in the design and construction of machines and systems, and our service personnel are part of the process from start to finish
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