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Secondary Packaging Serialization

Serialization for pharmaceutical products is necessary to avoid counterfeiting and ensure patient safety.

Understanding the specific requirements and plant equipment and system forms the basis for our serialization solutions being retrofitting or adding on modules on existing packaging lines, or replacing old lines with new equipment.

How to Serialize


Existing lines

SVM serialization solution S3 is very flexible and can be added to most packaging lines using the most common types of equipment. 

To incorporate the S3 solution on existing lines our engineers analyze the existing line to find the best and most cost-effective solution for serialization.

We can use most common types of equipment and are therefor not forced to change equipment on the existing lines unless it is inevitable.

Serialization software

This solution is very flexible and can be modified to work with most common types of printers and vision solutions. Prior to incorporating serialization solutions we conduct a line analysis to identify the possibilities and options.

The report created will suggest a solution and will ease the decision making.


Serialization Project Model

1 - Analyze

Prior to implementation of a serialization solution the existing line needs to be firmly investigated.

We perform an analysis to define the possibilities of integrating the serialization solution using existing equipment and modules.

The data exchange with site server / ERP is defined and the line PLC access is verified

Line analysis
• Hardware, printer, labelling, vision
• Software, PLC, servo, vision, robot
• Equipment to be re-used

System analysis
• ERP, batch & recipe handling, site server

• Line & system analysis report
• URS base
• Project budget
• Timeline


2 - Define

Based on the line and system analysis report the project scope can be defined and the creation of the URS and design specification (DS) can be initiated

• Line modification suggestions
• System modification
• Integration of line server to site server/ERP and to packaging line
• Serialization level
• Aggregation

Project definition
• URS definition
• DS definition
• Project scope
• Project budget and timeline


3 - Implement

Once the project scope has been final decided, SVM will modify the S3 serialization software to the specific line and the communication with site server / ERP system is enabled.

The S3 server is added to communicate with the machine PLC and enable a smooth data exchange

• Serialization line server installed
• Data exchange with batch server/site server/ERP
• Line modification hardware and software

Serialized production
• PQ
• OEE optimization
• Training
• Batch test run
• Full integration of serialization


Download the brochure



Download the brochure


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