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Smart Industrial Solutions

Smart Industrial Solutions

In its dual role of manufacturer and provider of Engineering Systems, Stevanato Group develops technological solutions that satisfy the most demanding customer: ourselves!

Stevanato Group Engineering Systems, through targeted acquisitions, gained the needed experience and know how to propose integrated solutions that combine modularity and complementarity. The benefit for any production company is the drastic improvement of its manufacturing processes.

After five decades, Stevanato Group Engineering Systems is one of most qualified and expert partner for anyone who wants to transform and automate its production process in a Smart Industrial Solution.

Fully compliant with Industry 4.0 standards,
the Stevanato Group Engineering Systems package includes:


  • Robots that are quickly and automatically reconfigurable

  • Excellence in the handling of the most demanding goods, proven by the development of complete lines for pharmaceutical containers, also in sterile environment

  • Fully integrated system of all process phases, integrating the latest available quality control technology


  • Highly flexible modular packaging lines, suitable to handle multiple products with minimized and automatic size change over

  • The robotic systems, that handle all components, automatically adapts in seconds to each configuration, making suitable to process also the smallest batches

  • Intelligent transport system to connect the lines with intermediate buffering, storage areas and warehouses


Multiple-product and variant-capable lines which automatically reconfigure themselves for the next batch.
This allows efficient and economic production of even the smallest sized batches, making mass customization affordable, as in our lines for clinical trial manufacturing and personalized medicines.

Process Automation

Flexible handling systems, automatic material loading, logistic integration, machines interconnected with warehouses and external suppliers all contributing to a lights-out manufacturing process.


Zero Defects as a result of a 100% inspection of each manufacturing step using either sensors or cameras, maximising line efficiency and investment return. Real-time feedback enables immediate correction and eliminates non-conformities. Absence of rejects and rework-associated costs.

Time to Market

New products can be introduced onto the market in a very short time thanks to production simulation systems. Once set up, the “Digital Twin” model stays live, allowing for constant and immediate feedback between theoretical and effective plant performances, identifying deviations and bottlenecks.


The Challenges we have faced and solved

Multi-format Packaging Line

The Challenge

Our customer needed to install a line capable of assembling cartridges, vials & syringes with devices, pack them, together with accessories and instructions, in several carton presentation.

Necessity of full serialization, aggregation and reconciliation capabilities.

The solution

Stevanato Group Engineering Systems designed and delivered a single line, less than 10 meter long, able to satisfy the customer needs, packaging the various products in 148 different combinations of different carton sizes and extended range of glass containers. The changeover time is less than 20 minutes, from last to first good product.

Key Benefits

The main advantages are:

  • Single line capable of handling 3 different prefilled primary glass container families in 148 different product combinations
  • Maximum flexibility, suitable to handle also the smallest volumes (“lot 1” concept)
  • Rapid size change over (max 20 min)
  • Extremely limited footprint
  • Lights-out operation (even raw material feeding is automatic)
  • Fully embedded serialization, aggregation and reconciliation
  • Compliance to regulatory requirements
  • Remote line control and monitoring
  • 100% quality control


Multi-format RTU Containers Line

The challenge

Our customer, a multinational Pharma producer, after receiving the approval for launching on the market a new family of products needed to fill them in a primary glass container of new design not commercially available. It had to be pre-sterilized and ready to use. Stevanato Group Engineering Solutions needed to develop in a very short time a line capable of processing multiple containers with extremely tight quality specifications.

The solution

Combining the competences of the various divisions, Stevanato Group Engineering Systems developed an innovative manufacturing process combining the latest developments in material handling, process control and multi-format management. Partnering with a world class manufacturer of washing and depyrogenation equipment, Stevanato Group Engineering Solutions supplied a turn key solution satisfying and exceeding the original request.

  • The new line developed by Stevanato Group Engineering Systems includes solutions that were not available before:
  • Format flexibility, with adaptive tools, capable of handling the complete range of containers without replacement or adjustment;
  • Limited format change over time achieved through the HMI, without human intervention
  • Lean layout, limiting the clean room dimensions to a minimum
  • State of the art glass handling, with no glass to glass and limited glass to metal contact
  • Optimized process, with 100% quality inspection and continuous automatic monitoring and feedback.
  • The solutions overcome the typical solutions normally available, where handling the glass in metal trays or metal pucks could affect the glass integrity.

A change over lasts a few moments, without human intervention, increasing line performance while reducing risks of contamination or mistake.

The level of automation ensures quality and flexibility, particularly when applied in a classified environment.

The line consists, among other equipment, of a denester/detrayer, of a washing machine, of a depyrogenation tunnel, of a bypassable syliconization spraying and baking unit, stoppering, capping and final packaging in Ready to Use nest and tubs.

Key Benefits

The main advantages are:

  • Highest quality
  • Low particle generation
  • Process reliability/repeatability
  • Gentle handling & NO manual operations in clean room
  • State of the Art technologies and developments, integrated in an integrated system
  • Full line and process data collection and control, thanks to its interconnected supervisory system
  • Remote line set up by software recipe
  • Shortest time to market for a full family of new product


Smart Automatic Intralogistic System

The Challenge

A primary confectionery industry expressed to Stevanato Group Engineering Systems the need to realize an intelligent transport system to connect several steps of their process. The goods are fragile, with time restraints and thousands of possible product combinations. The line had to be installed in an existing factory already in production, where physical barrier could not be removed.

The solution

Stevanato Group Engineering Systems delivered a fully integrated system, including customized loading and unloading stations, plus over 200 autonomous rovers.

  • The system interconnects automatically more than 20 production lines, through the various manufacturing steps, ensuring maximum flexibility. We can summarize the process in the following steps:
  • The first group of equipment manufactures semi-finished goods that have to be personalized
  • Each machine of the second group can personalize the semi-finished good in a different flavor
  • The third group of devices finishes the products and then packs them in different presentations, also depending from end market.
  • A supervisor, connected to the ERP, MES, WMS, manages all the three groups of machines and each rover. In this way in the 5.000 square meter installation, the delivery of the products is optimized in real time, depending on the schedule and the actual line performance.

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