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This flexible vision unit is a truly multifunctional analysis equipment developed to ensure a great flexibility.

Its software and components are the same used in Optrel and Innoscan Pharma visual inspection production lines. This ensures smooth transition from laboratory early development work, early market and thorough mass production. 

With this smart and friendly unit it is possible to:

  • process images and inspect both cosmetic defects and particles
  • re-inspect containers rejected by automatic inspection lines to reduce false rejection
  • generate new recipes
  • set up inspection parameters offline (rotation of the mandrels, camera positioning, light intensity, inspection tools, to name a few) in order to reduce machine downtime and increase overall yield and efficiency of the process.
Bench Vision Unit
  • Laboratory Equipment

Cosmetic and particles analysis and remote image processing make it a useful high quality lab equipment to reduce timing for R&D activities

  • False Rejects Reinspection

It is possible to re-inspect rejected containers and reduce the risk of false rejection, reducing TCO especially for high value difficult-to-inspect drugs

  • Production Quality Products

It is possible to inspect new product with the same technology and accuracy of a full scale Automatic Vision inspection Machine.

  • Batch Release

The combination with SG Lab services can support batch release activities (ex. protocol for light inspection, …)

  • New Recipe generation

It can speed up the new receipe generation for an  automatic vision inspection system, preparing and  performing knapp tests offline, increasing TCO and yield of lines.

  • Future proof equipment: from R&D and pre-clinical tests to market phase
  • High flexibility and modularity
  • Can handle a wide container range (ampoules, vials, cartridges, syringes)
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Same inspection software as SG automatic inspection systems
  • Adjustable inspection parameters
  • Compact dimensions

Features > Dimensions: 

  • Lenght > 526 mm
  • Width > 216,5 mm
  • Height > 620 mm (max)
  • Weight > 22 kg
Bench Vision Unit

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