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All of InnoScan's work is done in accordance with Innoscan's Quality System which takes into account industry guidelines such as GAMP and CFR 21, part 11. Much of the qualification work enables InnoScan to better maintain and troubleshoot machines on-site.

These regulatory compliant efforts are also maintained in order to safely supply systems that can be relied upon. To allow your machines to withstand the rigours of daily high-volume industrial production requires proper care and maintenance.

Most service is done by your own on-site personnel helped by maintenance documentation and easy access to qualified Innoscan Service Engineers.

This is where InnoScan Service & Customer Support sets in. With services that further assist you in managing the full lifecycle of the machine - from the cradle to the grave. InnoScan supports your service requirements by means of a set of Essential Services as well as Optional Services that can be tailored to your specific needs. Customized Service Options can be defined as required and will be formalized via Service Level Agreements.


Standard Support

All InnoScan customers have access to a range of InnoScan Support Services including:

  • Remote Support via phone and e-mail: to collaborate with customer's own on-site personnel
  • Assistance with troubleshooting and analysis: to help identify root causes
  • On-site support visits: to solve problems at the site
  • Off-line simulation: to replay vital machine functions without physical access to the machine
  • Parts replacement: to exchange defective or worn out components

Spare Parts

Wear parts are replaced regularly and other parts may be replaced when broken.

InnoScan takes care of spare part supply including:

  • logistics: such as procurement, production, quality control, warehousing of often used parts and shipping
  • recommended spare part lists: listing all parts that most likely require replacement and thereby pointing out the parts that customer should have available on-site
  • managing obsolete components: InnoScan ensures that your machine can keep running and has a process that ensures alternatives to spare parts that have become obsolete

Parts Repair & RMA

By means of a RMA procedure, you can create a repair ticket on this website, send the part(s) to be repaired to InnoScan, where each part is inspected and repaired if possible and sent back to be a part of your spare part stock.

For instructions on how to submit a RMA click here.


 Express service

  • Hotline Support: This Support Option allows you to get in contact with InnoScan at any time (24/7/365 including holidays) to quickly resolve issues with your machine. Having this option means that your site or business unit gets access to your own hotline number to call. Check with your InnoScan representative to get access to this service.

  • Remote on-line: most InnoScan Systems have been installed with support for remote access to the main computer on the machine. This option allows service personnel to remotely access the system for troubleshooting and thereby improving the ability to support you. The solution is customized to fit your requirements and such access is of course adapted to your own in-house IT security requirements, SOP's etc.

  • Fast on-site: This option gives you a guaranteed maximum response time from requesting service and until a service representative is available for on-site troubleshooting activities.

Simulation & Consulting

  • Off-line Simulation: Once a machine has become part of the daily production it can be hard to find precious machine time to do any work on the parameterization. In order to allow your imaging experts to work on improving inspection recipes, you can optionally acquire an off-line version of the InnoScan Inspection System. The Off-Line Inspection Systems allows you to continue working on previously captured images that have been digitally transferred from the inspection machine. Thereby allowing you to continue working tests and improvements to parameters for each of the individual inspection stations of the machine without interrupting normal production.

  • Modernization: once a system has been supplied and thoroughly tested as part of the delivery process, the realities of daily production and unforeseen changes in market or regulatory requirements, products, production processes and procedures may make it necessary to make minor or bigger changes to the system. Minor changes can be handled as service tasks and bigger changes as full After Sales Projects. Such changes can include improvements to:
    • Parameterization, for optimized yield and detection rate
    • Workflow Optimization, for a better fit into the production flow
    • Mechanical Design Improvement, for improved product handling
    • Software Improvement, for better overall operational performance
    • System Interfaces, for better integration into the manufacturing environment.

  • Feasibility Study: feasibility Studies Machine modifications or product changes can be hard to justify or budget without knowing the extent and effect of such modifications before specifying a project and ordering it. Therefore InnoScan can optionally conduct a Feasibility Study to establish a solid foundation for the decision making process. Such studies will provide insights to decide changes to mechanical systems, electrical systems, software, interfaces and/or parameterization in order to help you reach your goals.



 Preventive & Training

  • Training & Education: InnoScan machines are designed for user friendliness and can be operated with a minimum of training. Modern Inspection Machines are however advanced and complicated constructs requiring a lot of knowledge for optimum use and to maximize Return on Investment. InnoScan offers training on any level and for any type of personel from basic beginner all the way to advanced parameterization for both operators, managers, mechanics, electricians, IT and image experts.

  • Scheduled Overhaul: in order to maintain your machines readiness you can optionally request a preventive maintenance visit, where experienced InnoScan engineers will verify all major parts of the machine, exchange worn out parts and suggest recommended changes. Such a visit includes the following activities:
    • Functional check
    • Verify equipment condition
    • Adjustments (mechanical & electrical)
    • Provide and replace worn out parts (wear parts and other parts)
    • Cleaning and required lubrication

    The visit results in a report covering actions taken and recommendations for customer maintenance personnel. 


Visual Inspection - Detail14
CVT Series

CVT machines are dedicated to the visual inspection of complex, difficult to inspect high-value pharmaceutical injectables.

PWL Series

Semi-Automatic Solutions for Ampoules, Vials, Infusion Bottles, Cartridges and Syringes Inspection

Visual inspection - MCA Series - Mca200_8

Plus machines feature the state-of-the-art vision inspection equipment suitable for the detection of any contaminants or cosmetic defect. They are the first choice for high productivity processes for simple and complex liquid pharmaceutical compounds.

Visual Inspection - Exacta Plus 3

Easy line is comprised of user-friendly vision inspection machines featuring still cameras for a reliable and efficient detection

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