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Stability of the process, high efficiency and customizable features are crucial issues related to glass packaging manufacturing. This ampoules forming line perfectly matches these needs guaranteeing the highest performance thanks to cutting-edge features, such as its automatic inspection system and an electric rotative oven which minimize problems connected to product handling stability.

The automatic camera inspection system NOVIS, suitable to measure all the glass container dimensions straight from the forming machine, allows the customer to constantly monitor the line performance and to reach the machine optimum set thus guaranteeing the highest process efficiency

The electric rotative oven with a smaller footprint is a further benefit offered by this manufacturing line. Enabling to print up to a few millimeter from the bottom of the ampoule, the rotative oven can grant a higher product handling stability through the entire process in comparison to traditional walking beams.

 The oven self-adjusting heat control system gathers information and automatically adjusts the heating elements for an ideal thermal curve.

The on-going cooperation between Stevanato Group pharmaceutical systems and engineering systems divisions allowes to satisfy pharmaceutical companies’ requirements and the essential prerequisites for their containers.

As a result, all the machines are designed to guarantee high quality, high stability of the process, high speed of output, facility of use and the control of each step of production, from tube loading to serigraphy process.


Ampoules forming line ensuring complete operation control and the best efficiency through a high rate of automation, precision and process control


SAM30 is a brand new reliable and advanced glass ampoules line ensuring a customizable approach to treatments and processes. Ideal for contexts where a high productive capacity and precision are needed.

SAM30 is equipped with:

  • Modulating burners for tip forming installed after the high performance NOVIS Inspection System
  • Self-Centering chucks, to guarantee shorter format change over time, and lower maintenance thanks to their improved lifetime
  • After-forming line complete with cooling system, length and concavity inspection system
  • Tear-off and glazing steam unit
  • Score break unit
  • Packaging line with an automatic turn table with five packing positions
  • Aspiration module to remove discards of glass particles
  • Color ring unit dedicated to serigraphy up to three rings
  • Cutting unit, OPC unit and OPC check camera
  • Print unit and drying color unit
  • Glass tubing diameter: 10,75mm – 22,50mm
  • Glass tubing length: 1.500mm- 1.600mm
  • Glass tubing thickness: 0,8mm – 1,5mm
  • Length of the ampoule: 60mm – 170mm
  • Mechanical speed: 100pcs/minute
  • Glass forming machine with 36 chucks
  • Camera inspection for print and other desired cosmetic verification


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欧璧安瓿瓶采用符合 EP、USP 和 JP 标准的 1 型玻璃生产

Annealing Ovens

Devised to guarantee an optimal thermal profile, highly performing and completely safe for the operators

Glass processing - cosmetic control generic 1
Cosmetic Camera Control

Technologically advanced in-line or stand-alone systems for detecting cosmetic defects

Vials Forming Lines

Vial forming lines capable of increasing production, reducing maintenance, improving efficiency and simplifying cleaning activities

Cartridge forming line
Cartridges Forming Lines

Seamless high-speed machines ensuring resistant and cosmetic-compliant cartridges from 1 ml to 5 ml

glass syringe forming line
Syringes Forming Lines

Syringe forming lines designed and built to produce syringes with optimal cosmetic, chemical and physical performance to preserve drug integrity and guarantee the safety of patients.

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