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Glass Tube Loader

Tube loading onto the forming machine can be performed in three different ways: semi-automatically, automatically (MCA machine) or through a special system that ensures no glass-to-glass contact.

Stevanato Group has developed an automatic tube loader that allows for automatically feeding the vertical rotating machines with glass tubing. Continuous feeding allows for reducing the personnel required, as the operator only needs to load one or more tube bundles in a safe and ergonomic position.

The tubes are picked one-by-one from the storage area and turned into the vertical position by a mechanical arm, which loads them onto the forming machine carousel.

The MCA automatic loader can process 4 bundles, while the no-glass-to-glass version can process 5 bundles.

The Automatic Tube Loader is equipped with a servomotor for moving the mechanical arm. This allows for synchronizing its movement with the converting line, guaranteeing a seamless production process for vials, cartridges, syringes, and ampoules. This technology also ensures improved control of the process and reduces maintenance necessities.

Description of the process

  • The tube bundles are loaded by the operator in the storage unit and a conveyor system carries them to the position of use;

  • The machine picks the single tube from the bundle and moves it to the upper part of the machine;

  • A mechanical arm turns the tube into the vertical position and pushes it into the storage unit mounted on the upper carousel of the forming machine.
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There are 3 versions available:

  • Tubes loaded by a belt
  • Tubes loaded with the pick & place system, without glass-to-glass contact
  • Upper part with or without intermediate tube buffering station

Technical data

  • Tube min Ø: 8 mm;
  • Tube max Ø: 35 mm;
  • Maximum number of bundles: 4


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