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The specialist for any visual inspection requirement

Our wide range  of inspection machines, from benchtop to high speed (up to 800pcs/min), enables us to market best value-for-cost systems as well as completely customized, high-speed automatic inspection machines, supporting customers’ processes in an efficient, reliable and flexible way.

Water-like, viscous gel-like products, emulsions, lyo and difficult-to-inspect drugs: we provide the right inspection solution for any product.


Our Pharma Inspection Machines

When dealing with pharma inspection there is no “one-fits-all” solution. Whereas the majority of drug products are inspectable with well-established techniques, a number of products remain difficult to inspect. With a wide expertise in visual inspection technologies, Stevanato Group evaluates each product and its properties to deliver tailor made applications with well-established techniques or pioneering latest trends, such as Artificial Intelligence.

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Bench Vision Unit
Looking for a system supporting all the inspection activities around any product filled in a glass container, from its lab development up to the market deployment? The Bench Vision Unit is the right product for your needs.
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PWL Series
Semi-automatic machines for Ampoules, Vials, Infusion Bottles, Cartridges and Syringes Inspection
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Easy Series
Compact, user-friendly automatic vision inspection equipment for reliable detection of cosmetic defects and contaminants in water-like products, handling up to 400 containers per minute.
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Plus Series
Plus automatic machines are the first choice for high productivity processes, up to 400 pcs/min, for simple and complex liquid pharmaceutical compounds.
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CVT Series
CVT automatic machines are dedicated to the visual inspection of complex, difficult-to-inspect high value pharmaceutical injectables. They couple top performances with an exceptional speed, up to 600pcs/min.
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Handling Systems
De-Nesting and Re-nesting

Nestor is an innovative no glass-to-glass handling system for RTU syringes in Nest & Tub
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Stevanato Group Engineering Systems has a wide expertise on visual inspection thanks to its brand Optrel and InnoScan.

Through continual innovation and the pioneering of new trends, they are committed to making a vital contribution to the pharmaceutical industry and ultimately offering superior solutions to their customers, for patient safety.

To that end Stevanato Group Engineering Systems division is dedicated to offering “synchronized solutions”, in close collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Systems division, that works together to significantly enhance the product integrity that can be guaranteed to patients, thereby exceeding customer expectations year after year.

For more than 30 years Optrel has been developing advanced inspection technologies for pharmaceutical products and is focused on the inspection machine market for the pharmaceutical industry, including parenteral drugs, injectables and solid dosage inspection using automatic and semiautomatic equipment.

Optrel is focused on the best value-for-cost inspection systems to support our customers’ processes in an efficient, flexible and easy-to-operate way.

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On the other hand, InnoScan, which has been part of the group since 2015, is specialized in the development, production and marketing of completely customized, high-speed inspection machines for complex and viscous injectables produced in large batches.

In particular, InnoScan is recognized as a worldwide technology leader in the field of automated systems for insulin, boasting more than 25 years of experience.

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